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Mighty Mike

01/17/2016 16:07

Getting Motivated: A Guide To Getting Committed

01/17/2016 00:18
   “Joined a gym but soon gave up.”“The initial enthusiasm to exercise remains just that, “initial”. It lasts just a week or two.” “The mention of the word exercise makes me feel lethargic! ”Does this sound like you? If yes, then perhaps these tips will keep you motivated enough to keep...

Visitors notice

01/13/2016 22:05
Coming soon!

Website launched

01/13/2016 22:04
Our new website has been launched today. I hope that you get something awesome out of this! I intend for this to be  viseral experience for committed fitness enthusiasts. Enjoy the ride.

Learning About Cholesterol

01/13/2016 22:04
      If you are experiencing cholesterol problem, what you need to get is suitable management on its kind of disease. On the other hand, before recognizing better how to handle it well, what you need to recognize is the culprit and kind of cholesterol. Definitely, cholesterol is...
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